School Outings

Wendy Hitchcock offers a range of school outings that focus on environmental issues as well as indigenous plants in South Africa. Aimed at primary school learners from Grade R to Grade 7, she leads field trips to various parts of Cape Town to help learners engage with the syllabus and the environment.

Wendy has led outings for more than 20 years, for schools linked to the Primary Science Program  (an NGO that provides in-service teacher training) and other local schools, such as Sweet Valley Primary, Bishops Preparatory School and Oakley House School. All outings are compliant with Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) and Revised National Curriculum Statement (RNCS) standards, and aim to consolidate concepts taught in class with practical hands-on activities in natural environments. All learners are encouraged to talk about their experiences, as well as to draw and write about what they have seen.

For a full list of outings offered, click here. Outings can also be designed to suit the needs of the teacher, the class, or the curriculum.