Plant Identification Courses

Wendy Hitchcock designs and runs fynbos plant identification courses aimed at the general public, people working with the environment, and students. These 5-day courses cover an introduction to plant classification, how to correctly record plant information for identification purposes, and provide plenty of hands-on practice identifying Cape fynbos plants. Participants will be issued with a certificate of completion after completing the course.

Wendy’s experience and personalised approach is what really sets these courses apart. She has run almost 40 courses, and they are never the same. Instead, the course starts by evaluating the knowledge level of the group, and evolves from there to ensure that every learner is catered for. Every learner has the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge.

Since 2004, Wendy has run fynbos identification courses for various groups, including City of Cape Town staff, UCT Summer School students, and ESKOM employees. She has also offered many personalised identification courses for groups of interested individuals.

Wendy focuses on building confidence in plant identification and tapping into the relevance of learners’ existing knowledge. Her priorities are what learners should know, what they should be able to do, and what they should feel or value by the end of the course. Practice and continual learning are encouraged after the course is completed. This holistic approach ensures that all participants get the most possible out of her plant identification courses.

Wendy also offers botanical drawing courses on demand. For information get in contact at

Courses run two to three times a year. For more information or to book a course, go here.