Food and photosynthesis

Food and photosynthesis

Foodosynthesis……is carried out by plants all day, every day without being paid or a job description or unions to protect them.

Green plants have the amazing ability to capture sunlight energy and transform it into glucose molecules, as long as there is enough water and carbon dioxide.
  • Humans depend on plants for food and grow a variety of different food crops.
  • Some plant products need to be processed in order to produce food that is edible
  • bread is made from flour produced by grinding the seeds of wheat

Teachers process flour to make bread at the Primary Science Programme

Adding yeast mixture to water
Adding yeast mixture to water

Processing food is part of Gr 6 CAPS and is a wonderful opportunity to combine language skills

with things that many of us do at home without thinking:-

choosing, picking, drying,
shelling, removing seeds
grinding, cutting, peeling, slicing
pressing, squeezing,
cooking, frying, baking, roasting
preserving with salt/sugar/vinegar
picking, bottling, jamming

Making bread presents a rich experience of doing activities to use the hands and learn new words

Adding the yeast mixture to the powdery flour
Adding the yeast mixture to the powdery flour
adding sugar and  yeast and  stirring
adding liquid slowly to the flour






sticky hands
sticky hands








kneading into dough


spongey dough
spongey dough













I challenge you to write down all the words describing what you do when you make supper tonight. 


Teachers comments

  • I loved the practical ideas and to realise how valuable and important that is. It was good to see how to link things to previous content. I learnt how important the science language is and how to develop it. Salome Sebastioni Holy Cross Gr 5,6,7 NST/NS
  • The lessons shed light on the issue of food security and how to teach learners that they can make their own bread. A lot of food for thought as we must now look at the importance of natural processes that sustain life. Bernard Abrahams Gr 7 NS Abedare
  • Well presented. Going out to experience the plants in their environment made the impact greater. Excellent demonstration of food preservation and how we can lead learners to make valuable connections. The course was well presented. Materials were easily accessible and methods showed a different perspective on presenting and doing experiments. Randall Norman Imperial Primary Gr 6 NST
  • The course was very practical and lends itself to many other learning areas. It was very informative with lots of interaction and integration, and it really made me think. Gail Williams Gr 6 NST Imperial