Creating calmness with a mosaic mandala

Creating calmness with a mosaic mandala

Yin and yang, black and white, day and night,order and chaos, action and stillness, too much food and too little food.


Too much of a one thing eventually turns what ever it is into something bland and lifeless…….. too much work can make us tired and dull, uninterested in life while too much leisure time can also make us dissatisfied with life, searching for the next form of entertainment. Achieving balance in ones life is a delicate process of connecting to the different activities that are meaningful opposites and then making sure that you practice them. Some of these things are driven by internal clocks such as when to sleep and when to eat. Others are good or bad behavoural patterns that set the tone of our life. The circle is the symbol for me that indicates balance and equilibrium and I have always been drawn to circular patterns that I later realised were called mandalas. I am only now beginning to see the meaning of these beautiful patterns that are so much part of the natural world around us and that have been used for centuries for religious ceremonies.

Busy-ness makes me tired

My personal overindulgence is busy-ness. I have to keep busy and seldom take time to sit quietly and contemplate. No wonder I get tired. My poor brain eventually gets the message through to my body and says stop, enough, take time out.December is a quiet time for me because I have few teaching commitments. The busy bossy brain tells me that it would be a good time to sort out the garage and tidy the shelves but this year I just couldn’t find the motivation. My body felt tired and unmotivated. It didnt want to tidy anymore it wanted to do something creative.

Gardening, paving and making mandalas calm me down

Some activities enable me to calm down and slow the busy-ness down. Making gardens, paving paths with old bricks and drawing mandalas are my personal favourites. Time stands still and I enter a creative zone that is peaceful and calm. It would not be the same to pay someone to make the garden or pave the path or draw the mandala. I have realised that it is not the product of the finished garden, or path or the mandala it is the process of making it that I need.

Creative spirit

It is too hot to be out in the garden and I have no more space for paved areas anyway. What I needed to do was make a mandala.

Ah! I spied the small round table a friend had given me for a mosaic project.

I stepped into the creative zone.

My spirits immediately lifted and I felt motivated.The tiredness was gone.

I spent hours choosing coloured tiles and sticking them onto a small round table into a meticulously regular circular pattern.

I used mini mosaic stones to create a circular stone garden

I made a mandala

My untidy garage became a calm refuge.

I relaxed.

I felt whole

I feel ready for the year

mosaic table
mosaic table
order and chaos in the garage
order and chaos in the garage