About me

Wendy Hitchcock is a freelance environmental educator focussing on South African indigenous plant identification, and the fynbos biome in particular. She has more than 20 years of experience teaching plant identification courses, designing classroom resources and educating children about plant biodiversity and environmental issues in South Africa.

A trained botanist and teacher, Wendy loves to help other people engage with the earth and each other in a creative and informal way. Her courses focus on connections and co-learning, and she always tries to build on the existing knowledge of each participant. All her teaching material has been developed through experience and a sharp eye for the connections in all things.

Spring-PartyFynbos is…

The natural vegetation found in the Western Cape and its surrounding mountains. It is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom (one of the seven global plant kingdoms), and is characterised by wide species diversity and hardy plants with beautiful flowers, like Erica and Protea.

This ethos is apparent in every aspect of her work, where engaged learners are her first priority. Wendy is fuelled by other people’s excitement, and she works hard to maintain a sense of wonder in those she teaches. This creates a natural learning environment where both teacher and student feel relaxed and happy.

Wendy Hitchcock's Achievements & Qualifications

Wendy’s CV:

BSc Botany (UCT)

BSc(Hons) Botany (UCT)

Higher Diploma in Education (University of KZN)

Course in Environmental Education (Rhodes University)

Biology and Geography teacher at Manenburg High School and St Owen’s High School in Retreat.

Resource Developer at Gold Fields Environmental Education Centre, Kirstenbosch. Duties included designing activities and worksheets for groups in the garden and designing environmental displays in the centre.

Designed and piloted a set of teaching materials for the Biodiversity Showcase Garden in Green Point and trained Environmental Educators based at City of Cape Town Nature Reserves.

Contributed to ‘Learning about environment at the Edith Stevens Wetland Park: A guide to environmental activities for learners GR 4-9′