Outings 2018


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GradeOutingsLink to CAPS and RNCSVenue
Gr R-3Sensory Introduction to fynbosGr 1 Lifeskills: plants and seeds Gr 2 Lifeskills: animals and creatures in water Gr 3:Lifeskills: insects, life cycles, feelings Field trip to Die Oog, Silvermine or Biodiversity Garden in Green Point or to my garden in Meadowrdidge
Gr R-3How do trees make more trees?Gr 1 Lifeskills: Plants and seedsField trip to Tokai Arboretum
Gr R-4Mini-beasts in the garden: bugs, beetles and biodiversity in the soilGr 2 Lifeskills: animals and animal homes Gr 4 L & L: Habitats of animals Gr 5 L & L: plants and animals on earth Field trip to my garden in Meadowridge
Gr 3-5Khoi San survivors: How did Khoi and San people use their local environment to survive?Gr 3 SS History :How people lived long ago Gr 5 SS: History. hunter gatherers and herders in Southern Africa Field trip to Silvermine or Biodiversity Garden in Green Point
Gr 4Making more plants from cuttings Gr 4 L & L : What plants need to growClassroom session
Gr 5How do plants mate? Find out the real secrets hidden in flowers and seedsGr 5 L & L: life cyclesClassroom session or field trip to Silvermine or local nature reserve
Gr 4-7Fynbos survivor: How do plants survive when the climate changes?Gr 4 L & L: Structures of plants Gr 5 SS Geog: Weather, climate and vegetation of SA Classroom or field trip to Silvermine or local nature reserve
Gr 5Stories cast in stone: hike to the old manganese mine on Chapman’s PeakGr 5 E & B: Sedimentary rocks Gr 5 SS Geog: Minerals and mining in SA Field trip to the Manganese Mine on Chapman’s Peak Drive
Gr 5How soil is formed and growing plants in different soilsGr 5 E & B: soil typesField trip to my garden in Meadowridge
Gr 5Understanding fossilsGr 5 E & B: Fossils in South AfricaField trip to my garden in Meadowridge
Gr 3-7Networking in nature: interactions between fynbos animals and plantsGr 3 Lifeskills: lifecycles and insects Gr 4 L & L: habitats Gr 5 L & L and E & Change: Food chains and transfer of energy from sun to living organisms Gr 6 L & L :Ecosystems and food webs Field trip to Silvermine or other local nature reserve or Biodiversity Garden in Green Point
Gr 6How clean are our rivers?Gr 6 M & M: processes to purify waterClassroom plus field trip to Keyser’s River, Silvermine River and Wetland in Clovelly
Gr 6-7Biodiversity, going, going….gone! The effect of farming, alien plants, development, and fire on our rich natural heritage. Constructive actions we can choose to make a difference Gr 6 L & L :Ecosystems and food webs Gr 7 L & L: Biodiversity and ecosystems Field trip to Tokai Park to find out about Erica verticillata, the Erica that nearly went extinct



Fees 2018

Classroom sessions
R33.00 per learner (min. R800 per class)
Times negotiable

Field trips
R35.00 per learner (min R800 per class)
Time: 09h00-12h00

Information for teachers

1. Teachers are responsible for applying for WCED permission to go on the outing.

2. Confirmation of your booking will be sent via email along with a program outline, worksheets and activities.

3. All outings aim to consolidate concepts taught in class with practical hands-on activities in natural environments. All learners are encouraged to talk about their experiences, as well as to draw and write about what they have seen.

4. I can design a new programme to suit your needs – I love the challenge of something different.

5. Schools are responsible for organizing their own transport to the venue.

6. Group size is limited to one class, preferably not more than 30 learners.

7. Payment can be made by EFT before or after the outing. Please ask if your school requires an invoice. Cash on the day is also acceptable.

8. Outings will be postponed if weather looks bad. Please liaise the day before or on the day to confirm.

9. Teachers must ensure that all learners wear appropriate clothes and shoes (a rucksack with rain jacket and/or jersey, hat and sun cream) on the day, and bring any necessary medicines (especially asthma sufferers) NB: slippers, high heeled shoes and spaghetti strapped tops are not allowed.

10. Please ensure that each learner brings their own rucksack (no plastic bags please), containing food and juice/water in a plastic bottle with a lid (tins that can’t be closed are a problem) and their own stationery.

For more information or to book an outing, call Wendy Hitchcock on 084 681 4385 or email her at info@wendyhitchcock.co.za.