Gr 4 feelings in the fynbos

The two Gr 4 classes St Georges Grammar School  enjoyed a day on the mountain in Silvermine. They learnt about the adaptations that plants have in order to survive by thinking about all the things we take in a rucksack to make ourselves comfortable. One class experienced the very hot dry side of the weather while the second class were blown along by cold South Easterly winds and were glad to find shelter.


Finding fury fynbos plants
Finding furry fynbos plants







Looking for seed
Looking for seed








setting Pelargonium seed fly in the wind
setting Pelargonium seed fly in the wind







sitting quietly and drawing
sitting quietly and drawing







Our class poem

Beauty, alone, waterfall


brave, calm, achievement

relaxed waterfall


gushing, chirping water


distressed breeze

secret, relaxed refreshing

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